We solve problems with top-tier engineered solutions to help people navigate manufacturing, industrial, and infrastructure challenges.

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About Vertex Group

Vertex: the convergence point

For us, Vertex represents the successful partnership between our team, our customers and our OEM partners.

Across our family of companies, we represent the premier brands in the industry and are committed to:

  • Investing in our people
  • Delivering solutions for our customers
  • Generating long-term growth for our partners
Our Geographical Reach

Our Companies

Unity, diversity and shared ownership

We work to share the strengths and best practices across our group while preserving the individual brands, cultures and leadership of our sister companies.

While we share many OEM partners, we welcome the diversity of products that are suited to the unique end-markets where our companies exist.

We seek to work with companies that have strong leadership teams and offer opportunities for partnership in the larger organization. Across the Vertex group, leaders of our sister companies are partners/owners in the broader group and are instrumental in guiding and executing our long-term strategies.

Through shared ownership, each company maintains an interest in the overall success of the broader group, promoting collaboration that enhances effectiveness and safeguards the distinct values, histories, and philosophies that make each company exceptional and unique.